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There are many variations of awnings on the market. By far and away the best option is a caravan awning. It is far superior as it is much more draughtproof, waterproof, and stable, than other types of outside living space.

When we fit the rail, we use conventional caravan awning track, to enable the use of any brand of traditional caravan awning. And, as you are probably concerned about water penetration/ingress, the actual rail is attached to the motorhome with genuine caravan/motorhome adhesive. We use the least number of stainless steel screws as possible, sometimes as few as 6. As most motorhomes have canopies, we have incorporated in our design, a way in which these can be retained. There are only a very, very few that cannot be accommodated. A track is also fitted to the bottom of the motorhome, so that an awning skirt can be used to further reduce draughts.

Due to differences in designs, etc, it is not always possible to fit the awning track to some motorhomes. Therefore, we ask that you supply us a photograph of the habitation door side of your motorhome, together with full details of your van, ie the year, make and model number. We will then reply straight away to let you know if it can or cannot be done, and how much it will cost.

We fit the rail in Dorset, and it takes approximately half a day.

We can take you into Bournemouth, and then phone advising you when the work has been completed. We then arrange to collect you. Obviously, if you would prefer to be taken to Poole or Christchurch, that wouldn’t be a problem. Other options are also available. If you wish, we can arrange a booking for you at Shamba Holidays, which is a campsite close to us. It is available to view online at


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